6 open hands, 3 open hearts and 1 WIDE OPEN WORLD

*Update:  My gracious! I wrote this two weeks ago and it never got posted. The chaos in our life is abundant but so are the blessings! *

What a crazy few weeks! Not two weeks ago I was in Denver with a house full of things. Now, I am residing with a friend (shared space is an entirely different blog for this independent) while I wait to further my journey and my home is 100% empty. My head however is still reeling.

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I suppose I should begin with the process of emptying the home. I had originally intended to sell off a few things but it took on a life of its own. I firmly believe that we all live a life of abundance. This last few weeks has shown me exactly how tethered to things we have become and in turn how anchored into our trauma we can become. I realized, as I let go of things, that some of it has traveled with me for more than a decade. It seems so silly to me that I would’ve held onto something for so long. At what reward and at what cost? I can tell you that having emptied that house feels undeniably liberating.

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We did sell some items. But for the most part we freely gave. There was nothing altruistic about this act. In fact, it was quite the contrary. The reward of letting go of things and re-gifting them to homes where it was a genuine need is something I could never express with the proper language. The feelings of relief from the tangible items and joy from sharing are untouchable and unmimicable.

We had the privilege of donating 1000-or-so books to Peru and 1000-or-so books to Honduras. We were allowed to gift to a women’s shelter and a victim’s advocacy program. We got behind missions trips and supported them by sending toys and clothing to MULTIPLE countries. We reached out to some homeless and let them take anything that could help them in any way. And perhaps one of the best ways we were able to outreach, because it’s close to my heart, was to be honored enough to give to single moms and dads ANYTHING and EVERYTHING their hearts desired. To allow them to just walk through my house and take what they needed and then at times even what they just wanted.


Being able to freely hand off what was so freely given to me from the get-go was enough to awaken my heart. But watching my children give up their things so uninhibitedly and watching their desire grow to reach and serve people completely, changed and molded my heart. We are called to have a childlike faith but I’ll be the first accountable and say that I’m not sure I could EVER come alongside the selflessness that I witnessed in these two in the last two weeks.

As we continued to empty the home an underlying similarity grew through the people who were coming for resources. They all had similar histories and ailments. This gave me the desire to start a journal. We took down all the names and all the information of the people that we reached that were willing to stay in touch. Then as a family we decided that for the next year we will pray over them for an hour a day. AND, as though the blessings had not multiplied enough, our visitors began calling their friends and family overseas and setting us up for visits and events over the next year!

Something else I have learned throughout this journey is exactly how deep many of my friendships run. No time and no distance can separate me from the people that I love.  So many support me unabashedly. And others protest me with the same fervor . BOTH are loved by me. And as I empty this home, next to the friends and the people who love me, I am moved to know just how much they don’t want me to go but how ecstatic they are to watch me GROW.  The support and the help that I received from so many during this endeavor was life-changing. Not everyone is pictured below but if you were there, and you know who you are, your impact will be lifelong for me. I have a love and gratitude for you that I cannot begin to express. I am very much looking forward to coming alongside you again on the road of my journey.

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img_2760I cannot be 100% sure what is next in our lives. I do know that it will entail a lot of travel and a lot of outreach. I do know that we are going to be allowed to be the hands and feet that we were called to be. And I do know that nothing is by coincidence. We were gifted this opportunity and we do not intend to squander it. Because what can be given can also be taken away.

As always I LOVE hearing from you and sharing this journey. Your feedback is invaluable. Please continue; writing, suggesting and sharing. Looking forward to the coming year with each and every one of you!



  1. Just wanted you to know how much of in inspiration you are to so many. I LOVE watching your journey. Thank you for sharing it with the world. ❤


    • Thank you!!!! That means the world!! It’s one day at a time but I KNOW that God is using our little pack for something HUGE!!! Thank you for the incredible role you played in building it’s foundation! We would not be here without you!


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