Growth isn’t stagnant and we’re growing fast

Hello friends. It’s been much too long. I’d apologize for being an absentee blogger but that would insinuate that I intended not to repeat the action. Although I’d rather not go long lengths without reaching out the truth is that I have some adjusting to do.
These last few months have been a whirlwind. So much has changed in my life. We rented ALL of my homes and closed up shop on so many administrative things that my social calendar has either thrived like mushrooms in the rain forest or withered like grapes in the desert. In the span of one month my team and I successfully emptied and, essentially gutted,  SIX HOMES in two separate states. One thing is certain, there have been no compromises or happy mediums in the past eight weeks. All things in my household have been on fire. All in. Full throttle.

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So, what has changed? For starters, and likely most pertinent, our team. By now many of you have seen an added face in our photos for the last few weeks. Let me shed some light. What began as a discussion quickly advanced to action when Adam decided to join our team….in a big way. Like us Adam functions in absolutes. He has been a welcome addition to our tripod on the road in the past, having visited 5 states with us this year, and has officially decided to continue forward with us on this journey. There’s no telling the adventures his balance will lead us to over the coming months but we are very happy to have him. So Searchers, I’d like to formally introduce you to the Alpha Packs newest member, meet Adam.

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Next up, our nomenclature. We have shifted from the use of, “Searching not lost” and moved to using “Alphas Oscar Mike.” What does this mean? Well, the term Alpha is self explanatory. This entire crew considers itself to be a leader among peers, an alpha in the pack. And “Oscar Mike” is a term utilized by military personnel to mean “on the move.” After a year of light prep and a few months of buckle down and hold tight we are officially, and happily, alphas on the move.

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The change in branding also means that we can be found on Insta, google, Facebook and twitter as “alphasoscarmike.”

Another notable change, for you as well as us, is that this is NOT a vacation. It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE and most importantly a CHOICE. We are moving forward with no solid plan to wrap this in any specific location or at any specific time. We have completely redirected our focus and output and have chosen as a team to repent our sedentary life style and go experience life without boundaries or expectations. We can’t wait to have you join us in whatever facet you chose to do so moving forward. You are a HUGE part of this for us.
With all the change surrounding our team let me assure you that the fundamentals have not altered. I am still, true to my nature, hoping to sow love and an adventurous spunk for life everywhere that I go. I still intend to devote a third of my time on location to service, my entire team has a heart for this. I am still hoping to network with my friends and their friends to connect people through love and close the distance gaps between great people.
Our adventure will begin with Christmas in New York. We hope to share; Rocker fella Square, ice skating and other quintessential New York Christmas experiences with the kids before leaving the United States….indefinitely.

Then it’s on to Bali, Indonesia for ALL of January. We intend to regroup and strengthen our team bond while in the sun and absorbing the slower pace of the island. After Bali our life adventure is still up for debate. We anxiously anticipate your suggestions and directions on where you think we should go and why. We are all set to receive this guidance via email at We welcome both location suggestions and service opportunities.
Certainly the only thing consistent in life is its change and we have been abundantly blessed to be able to embrace such valuable and malleable changes. While our hearts and personalities remain steadfast we are finally prepared to embrace this next book of our lives with open arms, readied hearts and a complete team. Thank you for your; love, support and flexibility as we adjusted into this new lifestyle. We are anxious to hear and heed your suggestions for our adventures and we’ll see you out there!!
*Pictures to follow. Wanted to get this posted. Love you ALL!! As usual we’d love your feedback and suggestions*


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